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Mais concepts arts de Thor: Ragnarok revelam visual diferente para Thor, Loki e alguns gladiadores

Thor: Ragnarok está fazendo esse final de semana praticamente um mês nos cinemas (considerando sua saída antecipada em alguns países como o Brasil). E mediante todo o sucesso nos cinemas, toda a equipe de criação está orgulhosa revelando nas redes sociais o seu trabalho. Desta vez, juntamos pra vocês as últimas publicações de Karla Ortiz, Anthony Francisco, e Ryan Meinierd:

This would have been one of the first pieces of concept art done for Thor: Ragnarok (maybe the first even) This was before the costumes were figured out and before we knew what Sakaar would look like. @andyparkart did an incredible job leading the Visual Development team for this. Since Marvel Studios added more movies to its slate each year it would have been a stretch for me with Homecoming, Black Panther and Infinity War on my plate too 😱😆 I love what @taikawaititi did with this movie, it's an awesome bit of filmmaking, it's so funny and visually stunning and if you haven't been to see it yet, what have you been doing? 😆 You are definitely going to want to start following our Thor Vis Dev artists as lots of awesome Ragnarok concept art is headed to the internet soon! @anthony_francisco_art @jwsze @ianjoynerart @constantinesekeris @adamwross @kortizart #thorragnarok #thor #hulk #marvelstudios #marvelcinematicuniverse #battle #conceptart #digitalpainting #gladiatorhulk #sakaar #chrishemsworth #markruffalo #ryanmeinerding
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#lokisakaarian #costume #exploration it's not crazy as my last post but still could be just as unappealing for some. But for me this looked good. I was thinking of a quick simple variation because I have to do a lot of ideas. So for this I know #loki has always had the colors green and yellow (gold is a type of yellow) green was always dominating with yellow underneath . So for this I just switched them , a good technique for a quick idea. But it also represents his feeling of being turned inside out from the loss of his father (sorry spoilers!) You guys go check out @aleksibriclot version of loki design There was one point in our design searching that we needed to make loki a #warrior ______________________________________ #marvelstudiosvisualdevelopment #costumedesign #conceptart #bananasuit #yellowversion #artbook #thorragnarok #sakaardesigns #fantasy #mcu
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I am really grateful that @taikawaititi decided to do this version of #lokiragnarok helmet from the comicbooks! It's one of my favorites. I designed this helmet based on one of my favorite comicbooks #xmenasgardianwars ! @adamwross helped me with translating my design in #zbrush which was then sent to @ironhead_studio and from there we went back and forth with notes to guide the process as they finished the physical model. They did an amazing job!! It looked so good on screen. One of the biggest decisions I had to discuss with @andyparkart was having the ears be more seen from the front view and I am glad we did it! even if it's a subtle detail, I feel it helped us stay true to the comic. It was great having him there to be an extra set of eyes! I also did a bunch of color and detail options. How much is too much blue? What shape should that emblem be, that sort of stuff. It definitely was a challenge. _______________________________________ #thorragnarok #lokiragnarok #tomhiddleston #gq #fashionista #helmet #3dmodeling #conceptart #costumedesigns #costume #cdg #marvelstudiosvisualdevelopment #art #instyle #fashionicon #design #comicbookmovie #marvelstudios #mcu #characterdesign #godofmischief #fantasy @marvel
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This was one of my designs that @andyparkart (my Visual Development Supervisor for the film) sent out to the costume dept as reference when they started to build the costume. Costume designer Mayes Rubio and her team did an exellent job in turning my design into something that you can actually wear! It looked awesome on screen. When we design super hero costumes for the movies we always think of the movement of the actor and what they are doing for the film. This image was made a bit more realistic to hopefully show how this could be achieved. A-symmetry with diagonal rhythms, were my themes that i tried to incorporate in the #sakaar look for #lokiragnarok , this is to represent the idea that we dont know which side he is leaning on, but some parts of his costume is symetrical and has asgardian roots. So even when he looks like he is from sakaar, his heart is asgardian that is why i have that little triangle shape on his chest , which started as an L for loki but tilted to the side and then it just evolved from there. I tried to think of it also as a family Crest or a symbol of his name. He went through some soul searching and in the end he gets back his true colors! :) Hope you enjoyed some of my thought process ! Thanks to everyone that watched #thorragnarok and follow my art! ______________________________________ #fashionista #conceptart #art #design #costumedesign #characterdesign #photoshop #marvelstudios #artbook #comicbookmovies #lokidesign #marvelstudiosvisualdevelopment #instagood #instart #infashion #trending #tomhiddleston #mcu #marvelstudios #entertainment @twhiddleston @marvel @fawnianewyork
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#lokiragnarok - it was a great opportunity for me that they wanted to have a whole new costume look for @twhiddleston Loki! out of the many directions I explored for Loki's costume this was one that the producers liked , it felt the most Loki without being too Asgardian . And from this base I designed his Sakaar costume. I will post more on that so stay tuned ! But if you can't wait, head over to my Facebook page :) Make sure to check out some more Loki designs from @aleksibriclot and more #thorragnarok #conceptart from the rest of gang in the #visualdevelopment Amazing #hela #costumedesigns from @andyparkart Awesome #hulk designs from @ryan_meinerding_art @jwsze memorable key frames #valkyrie #grandmaster costume designs by @constantinesekeris And more from @kortizart @ianjoynerart @rodneyimages Not to mention an abundance of talent in the #marvelfamily that worked on the film!________________________ #lokicostume #characterdesigns #thorragnarok #art #artbook #fantasy #scifi #marvelstudiosvisualdevelopment #instartist #instagood #fashionista
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Hoje, Thor: Ragnarok deve receber uma nova atualização de bilheteria. Atualmente, eles arrecadaram  759 milhões. É esperado que o filme passe dos 800 milhões de dólares até o fim de sua passagem nos cinemas e a Marvel Studios faça um marco de sucesso este ano.


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